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How to Teach "Visual Literacy" with Images

How to Teach "Visual Literacy" with Images

Usually, “literacy” means competency in reading & writing print matter. "Visual literacy" means the ability to look at and understand types of ...
Speaking: Oral Skills mistakes in American English

How to Teach/Learn Everyday and Challenging Kinds of Speech

Not so long ago, there were clear rules and directives for the teaching/learning of Oral Communication. These were designed for use in both casual...
"Get" What You Hear.                                   Say What You Mean.

"Get" What You Hear. Say What You Mean.

How to Teach (Yourself & Others): “Beyond the Basics” Features of Clear Speech Depending on its meaning focus, timing, pausing, and intonation,...
Why Care About Consonants?

Why Care About Consonants?

How to Teach (Yourself) How to Pronounce 24 American-English Consonant Sounds So what’s funny about consonants? There’s a plethora of tongue twist...
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