H-02.13 Teach "English Through Citizenship THE BOARD GAME." A Game of Knowledge.
H-02.13 Teach "English Through Citizenship THE BOARD GAME." A Game of Knowledge.
H-02.13 Teach "English Through Citizenship THE BOARD GAME." A Game of Knowledge.

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H-02.13 Teach "English Through Citizenship THE BOARD GAME." A Game of Knowledge.


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Intermediate/Advanced-Level “Game of Knowledge” called English Through Citizenship: the Game = a Boxed Set of Game Boards & Pieces; 6 Decks of Question & Answer Cards; Instructions     

Who It’s For: Participants Who Believe / Trust in the Use of Questions & Answers as a Means of Teaching / Learning Objective Subject Matter—Such As Americana, Sheltered U.S. Social Studies, or Citizenship, and ESL. 

You, if you use educational Games; find games keep learners interested and engaged! Especially educational, cooperative/competitive Games that engage and teach students without much urging!  

Use it in citizenship courses, in ESL programs, in secondary and middle-school social studies classes, in learning centers, with individuals and families.

Why You Need It: 

The game challenges and entertains while teaching facts about American culture, history, government, and civics; Using language-education pedagogy, with each card displaying three kinds of questions: yes/no, multiple choice, and wh- (who, what, when, where, etc.).

Because questions are recycled in these three forms and answers are provided, the game is valuable for independent learning. It is designed for use in many educational, cooperative/competitive contexts, “the Game” tends to attract and “teach” students without much urging by instructors.

Your Teachers, Helpers, English Learners, and/or New Readers who want hands-on Tools for presentation of, instruction in, and/or assessment of knowledge about nearly any Subject Matter are likely to go for Question & Answer approaches.  These can apply to a variety of formats, such as Lists, Small-Group Activity, and/or Games of Knowledge—with or without Path- & other Boards to play on + Query & Response Cards.  For factual info on Americana / U.S. Social Studies, such a Game already exists in print.  Its Content is divided into six (6) Subject Categories: Symbols & Holidays, Geography, History, the Constitution, U.S. History, the Federal Government, State & Local Government. 

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Open the box to check that the materials are complete.  It should contain [1] a colorful, foldable 22” by 17.5” Path-Game Board, with 10 sequenced series of 6 different Meaning Categories to land on; [2] a Game-Pieces Packet with 6 colored Markers + 2 Dice; [3] 6 color-coded Decks of about 54 Cards each, corresponding in Content to the Categories printed on the Game Board; [4] a Sheet of Instructions for Game Play; and [6] an alternative 8.5” x 11” Simplified Game Board (+ outdated Contact Info, but you can connect with us through worklifeenglish.com or 2learn-english.com.) 

[2] Follow usual or even better procedures & rules for playing Games of Knowledge. (Help others to) Teach / Learn from the Game.  In purposeful Instruction & Research, go ahead & beyond its Content to become proficient & resourceful in its Subject Matter.

 Each sealed, boxed game includes:

  • a colorful large Path - board,
  • a reproducible small game board
    • (for two game versions),
  • six color-coded decks of 48 question-and-answer cards each;
  • dice, 
  • game markers, and 
  • instructions —with
    • suggested variations for
    • individual,
    • small group,
    • and classroom situations.

The reproducible objective tests in the Journey Through America Instructor's Manual cover the same information as The Game:

  • Symbols and Holidays;

  • Famous Americans;

  • U.S. Geography;

  • Citizenship;

  • the U.S. Constitution;

  • Federal, State, & Local Government;

  • U.S. History.