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H-02.14b ESL Immigration: 6 Topics; 3 Forms of Questions & Answers

H-02.14b ESL Immigration: 6 Topics; 3 Forms of Questions & Answers

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This Questioning & Answering Resource, is a comprehensive toolkit derived from English Through Citizenship / Journey Through America: the Game. This resource features three distinct questioning methodologies to engage learners in dynamic learning, covers six crucial U.S. citizenship topics. Additionally, the resource includes Game of Knowledge playing boards to add an element of interactive fun to the learning process.

Key Features:

  • 288 two-sided cards utilizing three questioning methodologies: Polar, Alternative, and Informational Items + Responses.
  • Comprehensive coverage of six essential U.S. citizenship topics: Americana Symbols, Holidays, & People, U.S. Geography, U.S. History, U.S. Constitution, Federal Government and State & Local Government
  • Three Game of Knowledge playing boards for an interactive learning experience.
  • Designed for adult education ESL providers, teachers, and self-study participants preparing for U.S. citizenship.
  • Promotes engaging and interactive learning.


120 pages

Who They're For:

Adult Education ESL providers - teachers who want to engage learners more effectively in learning English, while preparing to become U.S. citizens. Self-Study participants preparing for U.S. Citizenship.

Why We Created It: 

To provide an on-line, downloadable version of our popular board game. It's available as a boxed set: H-02.13, English Through Citizenship / A Journey Through America: the Game.

To test that our multi-form questions and answers format works in digital format for online use, and can be download and printed-out, as described in the Prototype: H-02.14a: Questioning & Answering for Topic 1 of E.T.C. / Journey: the Game. Its 84 pages start with Front Matter + Rationale for using three (3) distinct Q & A methodologies—Polar, Alternative, Informational Items Responses.  Then there are separate 2-page Articles on each generic Q & A Type, with 8 pages of Model Interrogatives + 6 pages of Sample Responses each, for a total of 51 pages: their prototypical Subject Matter is the (fully researched, linguistically analyzed ) content of Topic 1 only (Symbols, Holidays, & People).  Next comes the “core” 2 pages of Instructions + 16 pages of six (6) actual, newly researched, immediately useable Two-Sided Trio / Triad Q & A Cards each—to print out & cut apart.  They’re followed by a 4-page Explanation of the next 5 pages of full-color Game Boards: First is an 18-Circles to Cover board, next is a Score-Card, and finally, a large Path-Board, ready to be downloaded and printed in full size.

Now we present resource H-02.14b, Covering Five more Decks Of Two-Sided Trio / Triad Q & A Cards on the topics 2-6: 2. U.S. Geography, 3. U.S. History, 4. U.S. Constitution, 5. Federal Government, 6. State & Local Government.     

How resources H-02.14a & H-02.14b Are Alike & Different:    

[1] The Cover & pages 1-8 are equivalent in both resources. However, H-02.14a pages 9-56, which describe and give copious examples of research into & analysis of three (3) relevant modes of Questioning & Answering—Polar, Alternative, Informational—are not included in H-02.14b.

[2] Pages 57-74 of H-02.14a (2 pages of Instructions + 16 pages of 48 actual Two-Sided Trio / Triad Q & A Cards on Topic 1) are duplicated in H-02.14b on pages 9-26. Then, in H-02.14b, come the 16 x 5 pages of 48 Q & A Cards each for the Subject Matter of the remaining 5 Topics, on pages 27-106  

[3] In both H-02.14a and H-02.14b, Game Boards One, Two, Three images & Explanations fill the last 9 pages before the Back Cover, completing a 126-page Resource Book.  

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