Be Aware of Parts of Speech
Be Aware of Parts of Speech
Be Aware of Parts of Speech
Be Aware of Parts of Speech

Work Life English

Be Aware of Parts of Speech

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Instruction & Practice in Recognizing & Using Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs

(Part 1 of What’s the Word? Using New Vocabulary in the Real World)

9 Pages

Who It’s For: Vocabulary Teachers & Learners at All Levels of Ability

Why You Need It: Awareness of “Parts of Speech” facilitates both understanding of the meaning of vocabulary items and the ability to use them appropriately in speech and writing.

What You’ll Do:

[1]To determine the part of speech of targeted words and phrases, ask and answer four questions about them.

[2] Use dictionaries or other references to check on the parts of speech of items in context—and to contrast these with their related syntactic functions and uses.

[3] Do exercises on the subject of “People’s Names” to practice recognition of the parts of speech of “content words with lexical meaning.”

[4] Put the correct forms of related vocabulary into contexts.

[5] Go “beyond the text” in using knowledge of parts of speech to acquire and use new vocabulary in work and life.