D. Scenario Book TWO: English Grammar in Context (Original Version)

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D. Scenario Book TWO: English Grammar in Context (Original Version)


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The classic Scenario: English Grammar in Context, Book 2, of the 3 book series, is now available for download and immediate use, or can be ordered as a printed book. (Print versions show their age!)  This truly versatile and relevant  second level grammar-based language-skills course book continues to allow teachers and students to custom-design a challenging course for each group and every individual. It delivers surprisingly communicative oral-skills and writing activities,  practical vocabulary, subject matter (content information), group work, peer feedback, and academic writing.

In 16 Scenarios (contexts) with chapter titles that include: The Generation Gap; Work in the Future; The Good Old Days; The Shopping Center; Choices; A Family Tree; The Mirror; "Please Do Me a Favor"; Commercials; The World; Complaints; The Classroom; and A Movie Star. The 246-page text delivers valid content and concepts that will connect with adult learners and be useful in their work and life.