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A-03b Alphabet Letters Bingo/Lotto: World-Writing Systems (Print Version + Shipping)

A-03b Alphabet Letters Bingo/Lotto: World-Writing Systems (Print Version + Shipping)

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This comprehensive resource provides six different 5 x 5-box Bingo/Lotto Grids, each with 8 copies of items in shuffled sequence, and a set of 24 to 33 Caller or Matching Cards for each game. It goes beyond the Roman-Latin alphabet and delves into five distinct linguistic systems: Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, and Korean Hangul.

Key Components:

  • Six Different Bingo/Lotto Games.
  • Caller or Matching Cards.
  • Instructions for Materials Users.


58 pages

Who They Are For:

  • Language Learners.
  • Language Educators and Teachers.
  • Language Enthusiasts and Linguists.
  • Students of Foreign Languages.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Grade-School, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; Pre-Literate Readers & Basic to Beginning Learners of Six Languages that Use Non-Roman Characters.

What It Is: 

A convenient 58-page package of six (6) different 5 x 5-box Bingo/Lotto Grids (with 8 copies each--of items in shuffled sequence) plus a set of 24 to 33 Caller or Matching Cards for each game. It starts with rationale, description of product components, game procedures, and ideas for "going beyond the materials." It covers the complete "alphabets" or "abjads" of five linguistic systems:  Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, Korean Hangul.    

Why You Need It: 

Though appropriate for many kinds of language-education content, the Bingo/Lotto format is particularly suited to alphabetic writing systems in which characters stand for spoken sounds. But why limit the concept to the 26 letters of the Roman-Latin alphabet when there are so many other systems of symbols (kinds of scriptto consider, learn, and play or work with?

These 5 sets of Caller Cards and 8 Grids to play on for each game provide a rudimentary intro to five of the main writing systems of the world. They're fun and useful for pre-literate learners of a number of languages other than those of Europe or the Americas. They also interest speakers of Indo-European (romance and Germanic) languages that find other language origins and aspects fascinating. And they may motivate eager, creative linguists to approach still other systems as well as to invent--and try out--one or more of their own.      

What It Contains:

Instructions for Materials Users: • reasons why these pages exist   • descriptions of their content and uses--with considerations that went into their unique but flexible designs  •  suggested procedures for gameplay, with variants  • ways to produce more such materials--based on many kinds of systems  

Six different Bingo/Lotto Games, displayed on eight (8) separate Grids of "shuffled images" each. A unique feature of these 40 full-page Bingo/Lotto Boards, which are reproducible for further use, is their Top bars:  these give individuals not only instructions for play but the briefest of "courses" in the names of the relevant characters and the sounds they produce.   

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