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A-03.02: Alphabet Bingo or Lotto: Why & How to Play With Alphabetic Symbols

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Rationale & Instructions for Making & Using Game Materials.


Who They’re For: 

Materials Developers & Teachers That Want to “Do It Themselves”   

How They May Help: 

It isn’t difficult to make Bingo/Lotto Boards & Caller Cards that display letters of the English (Roman) alphabet—or any other writing system you are familiar with. Even so, matching pedagogical considerations (learners’ needs) to possibilities for materials design can lead to a “better product.”  

 What You’ll Do:

  • Decide on the scope, appearance, and content of your materials based on the abilities, needs, and goals of each specific group of learners.
  • Make reusable sets of Caller Cards + 9– to 36-Box Grids. Or have learners create their own game materials according to instructions.
  • Follow steps to play games of Alphabet Bingo/Lotto. Enjoy them while teaching/learning the names of the letters, characters, or symbols—and matching them to their physical appearance.