E. Speaking: Accent Activities for (Pronunciation Manual)


E. Speaking: Accent Activities for (Pronunciation Manual)


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Author: Elaine Kirn

Suitable for: Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults

What It Is: a 90-page pronunciation supplement to Speaking: Oral Language Skills for Real-Life Communication focused on how to say it as well as possible rather than on what to say

    Why You Need ItWhen attending intently to meaning, language learners may forget about the importance of clear speech and comprehensible accent in effective skills-acquisition, communication, and self-expression. They need reminders--or perhaps direct instruction in the (subtle) pronunciation features that make it easier to understand others--and to get their own messages across while minimizing frustration levels     

    What It Does:

    helps text-users in "Getting Acquainted with Accent" by introducing a basic Accent-Acquisition Principle: the "Step System of American Speech Music"  

    contains eight (8) Parts, each covering one or more revealing, maybe surprisingly helpful, "advanced" components of effective speech:   

     •   Phrase & Sentence Meaning "Focus"    •   Syllables & Syllable-Stress Patterns   •  the Regular Rhythm of American English    •  Timing, Thought Groups, & Pausing     •  Rising (+ Falling) Intonation     •  Sound-Linking     •  Vowel Articulation & Lengthening     •  Contrasting Voiced & Voiceless Consonant Sounds 

    sequences material to progress naturally from "all-encompassing" to less critical, and from receptive (as offered on MP3 downloads or live) to productive, as users strive to improve their speech on their own and in collaboration with others 

    offers an abundance of practice material, chosen to illustrate targeted "learning points" as well as to be typical of what advancing language-learners might want to say on relevant topics in real-life situations 

    ends with an Answer Key for "Exercises with Likely Answers Not Included in the Text"                                                                                     

    is the "highest level" in a sequence of pronunciation/accent manuals, after Pronunciation Practice