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B. Spelling - Practical Workbook + Teacher Guide + Audio Bundle (Digital Version)

B. Spelling - Practical Workbook + Teacher Guide + Audio Bundle (Digital Version)

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           #2 Best spelling Book for adults

Author Elaine Kirn Rubin

What it is: Practical Spelling Workbook bundle consist of 126-page text, a Teacher's Guide, and Audio files, that continue instruction in the American-English Phonics & Spelling system where the previous text (Basic Everyday Spelling Workbook) left off. Not about all those turgid "spelling rules", instead, it presents a practical routine that and strategies to conquer any word they find difficult.

If you're looking for ways to improve spelling skills, the "Practical Spelling Workbook" Bundle can be very helpful. Its detailed lessons, multiple "how to" methods, Audio transcript, and post-test, this bundle is an excellent resource for building verbal and written communication language skills. The easy-to-understand text and test format are readily grasped and solved. This bundle is a good choice for ESL learning.

Suitable for: Grades 8-12, Young Adult, Adults

Content covers symbols for sounds, review of vowels & consonants, more vowel spellings, exceptional vowel spellings, homophones, review of vowels & consonants, compound words, multi syllable words-vowels, multi syllable words-consonants, review of multi-syllable words, vowels before r, silent consonants, review of vowels & consonants, progress tests A, B, C,D, final test".

Provides enjoyment and fun:

With lively visuals, funny sentences, word switches, meaning cues, motivating puzzles, stories, and open-ended word play. 

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A "BEST IN CLASS" Adult Spelling Bundle

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