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C-05.3 Get Reasons

C-05.3 Get Reasons

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32-Page Using Homophones Beginning Activity & Idea Book

 $3 (32 Half-Sized Pages)

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Learners of the Most Commonly Used Homophones         

Why You Need It: With or without the materials they accompany, instruction books can be useful. In this case, the book provides generic suggestions for use of two-sided cards with illustrated vocabulary items on their faces and examples on their reverse sides.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Find out what homophones are. See why they exist in English (what sound vs. spelling correlations produce them). Look over lists of  targeted “beginning-level” vocabulary items.                               

[2] Use Decks 1-6—or comparable home-made or purchased materials—for enjoyable card games and activities that provide practice in comparing and contrasting words that may confuse English users.     

[3] Copy and distribute Quizzes 1A-6A, in which test-takers put homophones into appropriate contexts. Do the same with Quizzes 1B-6B, in which they match homophones with explanations of their meanings (short definitions). Check answers. Provide necessary review or additional practice.

[4] Go beyond given suggestions to design and conduct other homophone activities. Then to reinforce the principles, go on to “higher-level” materials and instruction. 

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