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F-07.11c Continue Reading, Understanding, Interpreting, & Learning from Meaningful (Historical / Cultural) Biographical Content

F-07.11c Continue Reading, Understanding, Interpreting, & Learning from Meaningful (Historical / Cultural) Biographical Content

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Biographies: Short Stories Based on “Messages of People’s Lives” = Everything to Know [Now] About Teaching & Learning with Biographical Material, pages 11, 13, 41-76 (30 Intermediate-Level Biographies 31-42 & 43-60 + Exercises, Quizzes, Answers) 

38 Pages    

Who It’s For: Progressing Teachers / Students Who Appreciate Collections of Concise, Noteworthy Biographical Material with Attached Competency Checks, Quizzes, Answers                                             

Why You Need It: (After benefiting from short, simple biographical selections,) Readers may want to tackle longer articles + exercises with more detail.  Remember—not only is learning about significant personas’ impact on the world / universe intrinsically  rewarding.  It may also contribute to a somewhat integrated understanding of how pieces of history & culture eventually fit together.  Here’s a substantial biographical “Reading Kit” (that naturally follows Download F-07.11b).                                        

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  Skim two pages of ideas on uses of “Two-Sided Reading Cards” with short Biographies of Famous People on their faces + compact Vocabulary, Main-Points + Important Information, & Interpretation exercises on their reverse sides. Note the explanations of quizzes & follow-up.   

[2] On pages 41-54, leaf / glance through the subjects of Biographies 31-42, which begin with Bolivar, Simon & Charlie Brown and advance through Mother Teresa & Presley, Elvis.  Note the kinds of reading tools on even-numbered pages and the summarizing quiz items that follow.  Do the same with Biographies 43-60 on pages 55-74, each of which covers (at least) two personalities, such as Apostles, Artists of the Renaissance, Aviators, Characters of Horror Stories, and other fun or serious topics.

[3]  Print out and cut apart the 12 Intermediate and 18 High-Intermediate biographical Readings 31-60 with Learning Aids. Do the same for the two 2-page summarizing “Mastery Quizzes” + Answer Keys. Alternatively, devise effective onscreen (individualized, cooperative, and/or whole-group) techniques for engaging, effective teaching/learning of biographical, historical, & cultural content at higher levels.         

[4]  For more input, refer to the complete F-07.11 Biographies Reference “Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning . . . .” content teaching / learning resource.

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