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Work Life English

C-03.01 Get Why & How to Use Picture Cards for Vocabulary in Categories

C-03.01 Get Why & How to Use Picture Cards for Vocabulary in Categories

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How to Use Cards to Teach Vocabulary With this 36-Page Activity & Idea Book for Creating Picture Card Decks

 36 Half-Sized Pages

Who It’s For: Teachers & Helpers. Beginning Learners of English & New Readers of All Ages.    

Why You Need It: The vocabulary of almost any subject can be categorized, but familiar symbols, icons, and figures provide good “language content” to use as foundation.  This comprehensive half-sized Activity & Idea Book provides rationale not only for “instruction in symbolism” but also for the use of images (vocabulary items) collected into sets of four.  It includes learning activities, rules for card play, an   Illustrated Vocabulary Answer Key, and more.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Understand the importance of Symbols, Icons, Images in language acquisition. Consider 26 “work/life areas of meaning” commonly illustrated by symbols: Activities, Business, Communications, Directions, Environment, Food, and 20 more named by words starting with G-Z.                                 

[2] With (cards illustrating) 4 examples of each of the 26 categories, follow steps for 3 activities that “teach” or practice classifying & sequencing—and 10 traditional card games that provide reinforcement as they motivate and entertain. 

[3] Use labeled (copies of) of the 104 targeted meaning symbols in further instruction, practice, and assessment.

[4] Go beyond the material with 3 especially dynamic activity ideas: Drawing Out Symbolically, Creatively Interpreting Images, Describing Symbolic Images

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