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The Point of Pictures (Visual Images) G-4.

The Point of Pictures (Visual Images) G-4.

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Author: Elaine Kirn

Suitable for: Older Youth, Young & Other Adults

What It Is: The Point of Pictures Book is a student text for “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It helps learners to interpret the pictures and drawings in the book. Learners may have different thoughts when looking at the pictures. Picture/images can be great or meaningless, beautiful or ugly, interesting or boring, accurate or changed, artistic or unimaginative, amusing or disturbing. Many pictures require no words of explanation. They “speak for themselves.” People may use language to react to or talk about them, but the images themselves are self-explanatory.

Why You Need It: Once language learners are done with basic grammar and when they are trying to speak orally and need to express their views on any pictures, they can compare ideas and opinions with info + possible interpretations. This book will provide you the knowledge you need.

What It Does:  

This book provides challenges and sustains interest until the end, giving learners the knowledge and ability to think outside of the box. Its 4 parts are:

    Visual MeaningVisual literacy refers to people’s ability to look at and understand types of flat (2-D) images other than text: photos, paintings, maps, line + shaded drawings, other graphic arts, and more.

    Picture Titles: In English, main words in a phrase title are often, but not always, capitalized. Printed or written titles and captions can make it easier for people to focus on important elements of a visual, to understand its background or context, to get its point or message, and to appreciate its value or importance. 

    Picture Captions:  Using wording that “anticipates” what it takes to keep readers interested in the visual and related text, if any. It will draw people into the subject matter. Even so, it has to be short. A good caption won’t state the obvious. It won’t tell the whole story.

    Visual Speech & Thought: A lot of “visual speech or thought” is meant to be funny. Other quotes have sentimental or pithy or wise messages.

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