Good Tips for Teaching ESL to Beginners

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Using visual aids is one effective way to teach ESL to beginners to understand the meanings of words. Gestures and expressions can also be use to help students learn new vocabulary.
  1. Start with the basics. Make sure your students are familiar with the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and simple grammar F-01.10 Give / Take Progress Tests  Designed for Literacy / Rank Beginning Levels of Proficiency before moving on to more challenging material.
  2. Use clear, simple, easy to follow language: Avoid complex vocabulary or idioms your students may need help to understand.
  3. Use pictures H-02.01 Mostly Pictures Literacy Level English Through Citizenshipand diagrams to help students visualize new concepts.
  4. Break down complex material into manageable chunks and have students practice each section before moving on to the next.
  5. Use various materials: Incorporate different materials into your lessons, such as videos, podcasts, realia from media, and online resources, to keep things engaging and interactive.
  6. Encourage your students to participate in class, to ask questions, engage in discussions, and by doing activities together.
  7. Use challenges, cooperation, competition, and collaboration methods in small groups. More advanced students can help the less advanced ones, thereby freeing you to move around the room and both encourage and coach the learners.
It's essential to be patient when teaching ESL and allow students enough time to practice and learn new material. Try to move on slowly, or you may find that some students need to catch up. Finally, praise your students - low key - for their efforts, no matter how small they may seem. This will help motivate them to continue learning and improving their language skills.
Helpful materials specifically designed for teaching ESL to beginners can be found at  our website. There are 10 categories, covering all ESL aspects. Each category offers a range of lessons, activities, flash cards, four of a kind card decks, and worksheets that teach English for the workplace and for everyday life. These materials can be used online, tutoring, at home schooling and practice, and in-class teaching, and are suitable for learners of all levels. 
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