Better English - Better Life

Work/Life English wants to improve English. Better English helps deliver more success in life, work, job, career, and college. 

The author in Authors and Editors is Elaine Kirn (Rubin).  She is well known as an author, leader, PD provider, and educator in the world of ESL, since the 1970’s. She may be the most prolific ESL author in the United States, having written or co-written over 150 different titles.  In addition, she was a classroom instructor for over 35 years. Elaine is currently creating new materials for classroom and individual language learning.  She retired from day-to-day teaching in 2008, in order to focus full-time on maximizing the usefulness and accessibility of her existing learning materials. 

Arthur Rubin has over 40 years of experience helping profit-making, non-profit, and public-sector organizations become more efficient and effective and running his own companies.  Since 1991 he has been working with Elaine to make better English available to everyone. 

Work/Life English has the learners' textbooks, workbooks, games, activities, teacher resource materials and instructor’s manuals for developing better English skills of low(er) literacy students in grades 6-12, ESL, Adult Education, Adult Basic Education, WIOA participants, Special Education students, and At-Risk learners.