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H-02.06 Give/Take Multiple-Choice “Pre & Post Tests” From & For English Through Citizenship: Beginning Level

H-02.06 Give/Take Multiple-Choice “Pre & Post Tests” From & For English Through Citizenship: Beginning Level

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This comprehensive resource offers effective tools for measuring knowledge and skills acquired from the English Through Citizenship, Beginning-Level Student Text (H-02.04) in a learner-friendly multiple-choice format and build learners' confidence by allowing them to recognize correct answers.

Key Features:

  • For each of the 12 units/24 modules from English Through Citizenship, Beginning-Level Student Text (H-02.04), there are ten multiple-choice items to respond to by choosing one of three possibilities questions for each of the 12 units.
  • Covers a wide range of topics related to U.S. Citizenship and Americana.
  • Tests are designed to measure knowledge acquisition and boost learners' confidence by recognition of correct answers.
  • Ample white space for note-taking and explanations.


104 pages

Who They're For:

(Teachers & Helpers of) Beginners Learning “Americana & U.S. Citizenship” Who Want Assessment Tools in Objective (Multiple-Choice) Test Form. Topics include Symbols & Holidays; American Historical Figures; Immigration;, U.S. Geography & Places; U.S. Citizenship; the U.S. Constitution, (Federal, State, Local) Government; U.S. (State, & Local) History.

Why You Need It: 

Well-constructive Multiple-Choice Tests really do help in measuring acquisition of knowledge; learners gain confidence by being able to “recognize correct answers” rather than “retrieve them from memory.”  With plenty of “White Space” to fill with Learning-Notes, the 96 11” x 8.5” pages in H-02.06 E.T.C. Beginning-Level Testing Package (lightly) “cover” the Content of H-02.04 English Through Citizenship: Beginning Student Text.  Suggestions for their use—and correct Answers—are incorporated into the Teaching Notes of H-02.05 English Through Citizenship: Beginning Level Instructor’s Manual.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Print out Tests you need or want from H-02.06 English Through Citizenship: Tests for Beginning Level two-sided on 11” x 8.5” sheets of paper.(Alternatively or additionally Tests can be given / taken onscreen.)  Note that for each of 12 Units / 24 Modules, there are ten Multiple-Choice Items to respond to—by (circling the letter of or) choosing one of three (3) possibilities.  Correct students’ work, (take scores,) and do whatever works to review the info that test-takers might have found difficult.

[2] Central to Course Curricula with factual Subject Matter, Objective Tests have some uses beyond the obvious one of Assessment.   For instance, test-takers can explain how they arrived at their correct answers—which facts they relied on or what reasoning they used.  They can tell how they knew the two “detractors” (wrong answers for each Item) weren’t correct—even suggesting how their vocabulary might be incorporated into True-Statements-of-Fact.  And of course, the content of the Tests can be (adapted / augmented and/or) incorporated into Games of Knowledge, (un)like the one offered in H-02.11 English Through Citizenship: The Game or in H-02.12a through H-02.12d, a colorized & upgraded set of Citizenship / Americana materials.

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