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H-02.12 ESL; A Journey Through America, Instructor: Government, Citizenship, History, Geography. Simplified English

H-02.12 ESL; A Journey Through America, Instructor: Government, Citizenship, History, Geography. Simplified English

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This Instructor’s manual is designed to accompany the A Journey Through America student text, offering teachers, helpers, language learners, and new readers valuable resources for presenting and acquiring knowledge from intermediate-level "sheltered social studies" curricula. It offers teaching tips, citizenship-test questions, objective tests, answer keys, and additional modules.

Key Features:

  • Valuable teaching resources and content.
  • General teaching and learning tips for the content from H-02.11: A Journey Through America Student Text.
  • 100 U.S. citizenship-test questions and answers to provide insights into the citizenship test.
  • 36 objective (multiple-choice) tests corresponding to the student text material.
  • Answer keys for the tests to facilitate grading and review.
  • Two additional 4-page modules for non-citizens, providing supplementary material.
  • Six extra 4-page modules titled "About Your State & City" for enhancing local learning experiences.


146 pages

Who They're For:

Teachers, Helpers, Language Learners, New Readers who want Suggestions on Presenting / Acquiring Knowledge from Intermediate-Level “Sheltered Social Studies” Curricula—on Topics like Symbols & Holidays; Americans & Immigration; Geography; Citizenship; the U.S. Constitution; U.S., State, & Local Government; U.S., State, & Local History.

Why You Need It:

The H-02.12 A Journey Through America Instructor’s Manual (I.M). offers general Teaching / Learning Tips for 36 four-page Modules in ten (10) Units of Adapted Text Material from H-02.11 A Journey Through America Student Text.  The bulk of its content, however, consists of six pages of U.S. Citizenship Test Questions & Answers; 72 pages of Objective (Multiple-Choice) Tests on the Text Material; ten pages of Answer Keys; two Additional 4-Page Modules for Non-Citizens; six Extra 4-Page Modules About Your State & City.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over the Table of Contents of A Journey Through America Instructor’s Manual (I.M). noting its sections.  For a preview of what’s available in—and what can be accomplished  with—the Journey Through America Program—on pages 1-11, peruse its General Description Instructions for Use (Using the Modules, Reading Selections, Comprehension Exercises, Cooperative Learning [The “Traditional Way,” Whole-Class / Small-Group Activities]).

[2] The U.S. Citizenship Questions & Answers on pages 12-17 may not be identical to those currently on official tests, but they probably don’t differ significantly.  If you are using them to meet formal requirements, be sure to get updates from the Internet.  If they’re not needed to help fulfill Naturalization Requirements, use them as Supplements to a “Sheltered Social-Studies Course”—as examples of what the U.S. Government expects its citizens to know.  

[3] Two-sided on 11” x 8.5” sheets of paper, print out whichever Tests you need or want from pages 21-92 of the Journey I.M.  (Alternatively or additionally, Tests can be given / taken onscreen.)  Note that for each of ten (10) Units / 36 Modules, there are twenty (20) Multiple-Choice Items to respond to—by (circling the letter of or) choosing one of four (4) possibilities.  Correct students’ work, (take scores,) and do whatever works to review the info that test-takers aren’t yet confident in.  (Correct Test Answers are in the Answer Key on pages 93-102, interspersed between suggested responses to the Exercises & Activities in the corresponding Student-Text Modules.)

[4] Central to Course Curricula with factual Subject Matter, Objective Tests have pedagogical uses beyond the obvious one of Assessment.   For instance, test-takers can explain how they arrived at correct answers—which facts they took into account or what reasoning they used.  They can tell how they knew the three “detractors” (wrong answers for each Item) weren’t correct—even suggesting how their vocabulary might be incorporated into True-Statements-of-Fact.  And of course, the content of the Tests can be (adapted / augmented and/or) incorporated into Games of Knowledge, (un)like the one offered in H-02.13 English Through Citizenship: The Game or in H-02.12a through H-02.12d, a colorized & upgraded set of Citizenship / Americana materials.

[5] Need more material for learners with special interests?  Because there was no room for them in the “generic” Journey Through America Text, the I.M. contains two Additional (Four-Page, Reproducible) Modules designed to help with Applications for Citizenship: they’re about Family & Employment.  Finally, there are seven (7) removable Modules titled “About Your State & City.”  Most of these utilize info about California / Los Angeles as prototypical examples to follow in lessons on State & Local Geography, Important State Events, State History, the State Today, Important Local History, Important Local Events, Local History.  In print and/or onscreen, text users get to apply the principles of sample material to their own places of residence.

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