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Work/Life English

D-10.01 Ask (& Answer) All Kinds of Questions in the Present, Past & Future

D-10.01 Ask (& Answer) All Kinds of Questions in the Present, Past & Future

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Parts One to Four of Chapter 2 (“Getting an Education”) of WorkLife English Grammar 5: Language & Culture in Depth, pages 30-45

16 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) (High) Intermediate Through Advanced Language Learners Eager to Integrate Comparable or Related Kinds of Grammatical Structures      

Why It’s Useful: Are you ready to sum up or reconsider the arrangement of elements in Interrogatives? [ Yes / No Present Question ] You studied the patterns of Queries long ago, didn’t you? [ Tag-Question ].  What else might anybody want to know about Inquiries? And how are we going to present and practice Interrogatories? [ Whor Information—Questions ]. 

After lots of lessons on discreet (separate) grammar patterns or rules, you or we may not be able to answer these questions directly, but we can certainly get used to asking them.  In the context of “Getting an Education,” this full Chapter offers options.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] In the page 30 Chapter Opener, “warm up” by perusing the lists of Competencies + Grammar topics to be covered.  On your own or together, correct the errors in the page 31 Part One: Yes / No Questions (Past, Present, Future) “Questions, Questions, Questions” Pretest.  Go over the Grammar  (Yes/No Questions with Be / Other Verbs). Complete relevant Exercises.  Use simulated “Class Schedules” and/or authentic, relevant materials of your own.  Summarize what you’ve learned.

[2]  On pages 35-38 of Part Two: Tag-Questions (Past, Present, Future) “Rules Are Made to Be Broken, Aren’t They?” follow comparable steps, this time focusing on the structure of “Tags” in the context of “School Rules.”  In Part Three (pages 39-42):   Wh-Questions (Past, Present, Future), do the same with “A College Education.” 

[3] Summarize and go beyond what you’ve learned about Questions & Answers in Part Four on the last three pages,  using the grammar you’ve (re-)acquired to ask and find out what you can about higher-educational opportunity for yourselves and/or your children.  Then go beyond the text to (continue to) give and/or get it. 


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