D-00.00 Scenario Book One: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context

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D-00.00 Scenario Book One: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context


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Who It’s For:  Teachers and learners who prefer a full color, updated design. Those in low-level college and sophisticated adult and secondary ESL programs, ranging in level from high beginning through intermediate. In an academically oriented class, this Book (1) is suitable for beginners with previous English experience beyond the "BASIC" level. In a non-academic class, Book 1 could be introduced after students have completed an introductory course.

Why you need it: Designed and developed to help educators, it's ready to be downloaded and used immediately. You and your learners will benefit from the step-by-step instruction in English Grammar presented in the Context of real life scenarios. Made more effective by easy to read Type size, helpful visuals, and bold, clear grammar boxes that contain ample examples of appropriate sentence patterns for use in exercises and activities. You'll find sidebar information that provides rules that anticipate and answer student questions. In addition, explanations, items, instructions, exercises, and activities beyond the basic are marked with one*, two**, or three*** stars to make these into truly versatile, multi-leveled grammar-based language-skills course books! Compatible with CASAS, CEFR, WOIA (WORKFORCE), EFSET, "Level", TOEFL, AND IELTS standards.

What you will do:
1. Facilitate your course planning with the very complete Book One Answer Key & Teacher’s Guide. It provides answers for all text exercises and has suggestions for language to use in oral and written activities that are reproducible. It's also invaluable for independent study.
2. Familiarize yourself with the 20 Scenarios (Situations) for Presentation, Practice, & Mastery of Basic English Grammar Structures, Patterns, & Rules.
3. Assess learner competencies, needs, and interests.
4. Take advantage of sidebar information and multi-leveled grammar-based language-skill recommendations to custom-design a challenging (but not overwhelming) course for small groups and individuals using communicative oral-skills and writing activities that include practical vocabulary, subject matter (content information), group work, peer feedback, and academic writing.
5. Assign appropriate chapters from the 20 Scenarios with chapter titles such as Magic; Curiosity . . . and Knowledge; Dreams; Work, Work, Work; Enough Questions Already; A Party; All Kinds of Stuff; Survival; Gossip; Help; etc., the major grammar of Book One is Sentences with Be; Kinds of Nouns & Markers; the Present, Past, and Future; Simple Modal Verbs; Infinitive Phrases; and related topics.
6. For shorter courses, consider the separate 10 chapter texts, One-A and/or One-B, of this 280-page text .