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B-01 Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know (Now) about Phonics & Spelling Instruction (Print Version + Shipping)

B-01 Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know (Now) about Phonics & Spelling Instruction (Print Version + Shipping)

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This comprehensive resource for phonics and spelling instruction is a complete guide for language instructors and independent learners, covering 26 sets of ideas from A to Z, offering valuable insights into phonics and spelling techniques.

Key Components:

  • 234-page comprehensive guide
  • 26 sets of ideas from A to Z
  • Detailed pedagogy and step-by-step recommendations for instructors
  • Reproducible worksheets and word lists
  • "Multi-Level Pointers" for adjusting learning pace
  • Phonics and spelling techniques for language learners of all ages


234 pages

Who They're For:

  • Language instructors teaching K-12, Young Adult, and Adult learners
  • Independent learners seeking to improve phonics and spelling skills
  • Language educators looking for a comprehensive phonics and spelling resource

What It Is:  

A 234-page very comprehensive source of 26 sets of Ideas A to Z encompassing "Everything to Know (Now) about Phonics & Spelling Instruction." 

Why You Need It: 

Phonics, a method for teaching English speakers to read and write, enables learners to correlate (associate) the 40 or more spoken sounds of the language with the 26 written letters of the alphabet.

Then they'll know how to:  

  • recognize & distinguish sounds in words when listening or reading for meaning (decoding); arrange letters appropriately      
  • pronounce words comprehensively in speech and spell them in writing, following accepted rules 
  • build vocabulary systematically through familiarity with initial & final consonants, blends, vowels, rhymessyllables, and word parts (roots, affixes); further enhance insight through attention to word groupings like homographs, homophones, and compounds. 
  • use insight into sound, letter, and word-level patterns to accelerate language-learning in connected speech and writing 

What It Does: 

Presents a complete phonics/spelling course for language instructors to deliver to students--and for independent learners to use for reference. Pedagogy--the specifics of what to teach--is incorporated into the text. 

Recommends specific steps for instructors to follow--and to get learners to take--to acquire word-level knowledge and skills consistently. "Multi-Level Pointers"--ways to speed up or slow down--appear in Sidebars.  

Provides  a plethora of reproducible Worksheets to supplement--or be used instead of--any series of phonics books for adults. If some of these are (enlarged and) reproduced two-sided on stiff paper, they'll result in (colorful) word-&-picture card decks to be used in games. The many organized Charts and Word Lists can serve not only for reference; they also supply items to use in custom-designed materials and procedures--or as in high-level classroom lessons. 

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