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B-02.01 Recognize and Spell Initial Sounds in Words

B-02.01 Recognize and Spell Initial Sounds in Words

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Instructions with Adaptations + Six 48-Card (2-Sided) Word & Picture Decks + Initial Consonants Path Board + Reference Lists

 Ideas E-I of Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know Now . . . . 

 26 pages           

Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners of Initial Consonant Sounds,  Digraphs, Blends, and Their Spellings in Common One-Syllable Words  


Why You Need Them: For English pronunciation vs. orthography, it makes sense to begin with common spellings of single consonants & digraphs at the start of words. Especially in word play and games, attention to initial sounds & letters reinforces sound recognition, sound production, spelling patterns, and combining skills.   


What You’ll Do:  

[1] Use an “Illustrated Phonetic Alphabet” for wording like a as in arm, b as in ball, c as in can, etc. These visuals can later be used for clear oral spelling.                                  

[2] Download and cut apart up to 6 different (one– and) two-sided word + picture card sets of 24 to 48 items each. Use them as learning tools in instruction, activities, and games. Their content covers 21 regular (most common) initial consonants and their spellings, with 3 digraphs and 24 sound clusters. For vocabulary building, most items can be classified into 4 areas of meaning: Things, Animals, Foods, Actions.    

[3] Continue to practice relevant patterns and examples with an Initial Consonant Letters Game-Path Board.

[4] Rely on 50 Word-Reference Lists, each containing useful vocabulary beginning with a different letter or combination.    


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