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Work/Life English

E-08.06 Start “Going Places” by Linking (Sounds in) Travel Descriptions, Advice, Info & Plans

E-08.06 Start “Going Places” by Linking (Sounds in) Travel Descriptions, Advice, Info & Plans

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Cross-Cultural Communication 

              WorkLife English Competency-Based Listening/Speaking Book 5 Chapter 6Going Places

10 + 3 = 13 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Language Learners Becoming Proficient in Putting Together Oral-Skills Pedagogy with Methods & Means of (Actually) Going Places  

Why It’s Useful: Whether they’re still hunkering down at home / work or going to (virtual or physical) places in the world, people need to move (backward, forward, or around).  Using “Travel” as (out-of-date?) subject matter, Chapter 6 of WLE: A Competency-Based L/S Book 5 are offers vocabulary, sentence structures, visuals, (linguistic) instruction, audio segments, comprehension checks, and activities to further an Oral-Language Skills curriculum in familiar, still effective formats.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Some Competencies suggested in the Chapter 6: Opener are “Recognizing Travel Problems; Using Advice, Information, & Plans.” Its Pronunciation Focus is “Sound Linking”; its Grammar, “Modal Verbs.” 

[2] Still Learning to Listen, in Part One go over some nouns, verbs, adjectives, & idioms often heard in talk about travel mistakes; trains, ships, buses, airlines; hotels; agents, fares, fees, & refunds; and whatever else can and does go wrong. Can you anticipate the “sad story” to come from the drawings? After hearing it the Audio, finish the statements of main ideas and advice to be inferred from the complaining  narrative.       

[3] In Part Two / Pronunciation Through Roleplay, listen to a conversation between a traveler and a travel agent. Taking in its many instances of “Sound Linking,” you can repeat what you hear and/or read it aloud in the text. Summarize and explain its point. With sample sentences to match plus vocabulary cues, you can request and give advice about cruises, air travel, trains, car rentals, and related topics.

[4]  The Practical Listening Audio segments in Part Three will bring all kinds of advice about various ways to travel. Which of these ideas interest you? Can you update them to make them (more) relevant to today’s world?

[5] As expected, the main Language Activities in Part Four have to do with “Planning a Vacation.” Enjoy anticipating what may or may not be feasible in the future. Use Listening & Speaking skills to converse about and decide on purposes, destinations, activities, transportation, accommodations, meals, itineraries, and whatever else could come up.   

[6] As usual, text versions of relevant Audio material are in attached AudioScript pages.  For reference or help now or later, an Answer Key for Text Exercises is also available.

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