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Work/Life English

E-09.10 Travel Toward Quality by Re-Creating What Works in Plot Summaries & Evaluations

E-09.10 Travel Toward Quality by Re-Creating What Works in Plot Summaries & Evaluations

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Issues and Answers

              WorkLife English Competency-Based Listening/Speaking Book 6 Chapter 10: Travel & Recreation

11+ 3 = 14 pages

Who It’s For: Language Learners with Teachers, Helpers, & Followers Moved to Make Moves with Movies—& Review What Re-Creates with Reviews 

Why It’s Useful: In the final Chapter 10 of WLE: A Competency-Based L/S Book 6: Issues & Answers, viewers, listeners, and learners get to “travel” in their minds, hearts, and imagination.  Not much is real in the Audio and print “Movie Reviews,” but their language and composition can serve as models for description, impressions,  and evaluation—not only of film or other forms of entertainment but also of (un)real happenings in the world around us.   

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  The Chapter 10 Issue is “The Quality of Entertainment.” Its Media Focus is “Movie Reviews.” Its Competencies include “Understanding & Creating Summaries & Opinions of (Types of) Movies & Story Plots.”

[2]  Part One / Good Listening Audio has two film critics “doing their thing” in reviews of a love story and a war film.  You can use language like theirs to describe media events with words and (idiomatic) phrases that are purposely exaggerated or illuminating—and that have positive or negative connotations. Then in Part Two / Speaking Naturally, there are exercises to practice use of vivid language in expressions of opinion and plot summaries.  There’s also phrasing to signal summarizing and concluding.

[3] Part Three / Inferences & Listening Tasks offer illustrations to match with “Movie Clips.”  Then text users are encouraged to continue building Listening & Speaking Skills by recording movies and excerpts of other stories—in order to make predictions, check guesses, and otherwise refine comprehension of scenes in sequence.  Finish up teaching / learning with WLE L/S texts by Part Four / Conversation Activities, which will have you conversing about real and made-up entertainment ads.     

[4]  But as usual, just one or two more things.  Excerpts of the corresponding AudioScript end the E-09.10 Download, of course.  And then you can review generic ideas for use of WLE L/S materials with E-09.11, which concludes with the WLE L/S 6 Answer Key to Text Exercises.  You might even look at some of the Instructor’s Editions for other Levels of WLE L/S materials to see what they suggest.


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