D.3.G.T Work/Life English - Grammar - Level 3 - Teacher

Work/Life English

D.3.G.T Work/Life English - Grammar - Level 3 - Teacher


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Author: Elaine Kirn

Helpful to: Students, Instructors and Tutors.  Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults, independent learners, and Home School students. For English improvement, ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College, and Corrections Institutions.

What It Is: The Instructor's Annotated Edition for WLE Level 3 Grammar is a 148-page manual for those who want to acquire or help others feel comfortable with the most useful sentence structures of the language. All 180 pages of the Intro + ten chapters of the Student Text for An Immigration Story appear in reduced size on its first 122 pages--with answers supplied visually. Supplemental material follows.    

Why You Need It: Whether you're teaching a class or learning on your own, you need your own copy of the text. Also, having teaching tips and techniques, exercise answers, and supplemental material at hand can be reassuring--and save time and trouble.   


What It Does: The extra instructors' section at the end of the manual begins with suggested ways to optimize presentation and practice of various kinds of text sections. It's followed by an Answer Key for all text exercises. And if your program requires assessment of learning progress, the reproducible Progress Tests will save you the trouble of preparing your own.  

4 Page TOC and 17 Page INTRO AND SAMPLE