A-03.6: Play Alphabet Bingo & Lotto with Cursive Letters

Work Life English

A-03.6: Play Alphabet Bingo & Lotto with Cursive Letters

Know the Alphabet

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3 Sets of 26 Caller Cards Each: Cursive Upper-Case, Cursive Lower-Case, & Cursive Pairings. 8 Distinct 16-Box Grids for Each Game + 8 Extra Boards with Both Block & Cursive.



Who They’re For: High-Beginning Language Learners & Progressing Readers of English. Teachers & Helpers.

Why You Need Them: Eventually, language learners and new readers will have to recognize and name the 26 letters of the English alphabet in a variety of forms, perhaps including cursive as well as decorative fonts.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] To use as Caller Cards for Bingo or Matching Cards for Lotto, make at least one set each of upper-case cursive letters A-Z, of lower-case cursive letters a-z, and of letter pairings Aa-Zz. Note that some cards includes handwriting guidelines; all show pronunciation of each letter name and symbols for the sound(s) it may stand for. You may or may not choose to print out identifying Card Backs on the other side.

[2] For each of three games, make as many copies as you need of the 8 variants of each 16-box Bingo/Lotto Grid. These may be printed out one– or two-sided (flipped along their long edge, horizontally). Tips for learning and game play can be cut from the side of each page and handed out.

[3] Customize procedures to each unique group. Reinforce knowledge of and skill with  the English alphabet through game prep, play, and follow-up.

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