Alphabet Bingo and Alphabet Lotto Free Sample
Instructions for Alphabet Bingo Free Sample
Alphabet Bingo and Lotto Directions and Info Graphic

Work Life English

A-03.01: Learn about Alphabet Bingo or Letter Lotto


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Instructions for Making & Playing Games with Sample Boards

(Ideas F of Alphabet Answers: Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning Alphabetic Letters

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2 pages

Who They're For:

  • Teachers, aides, and people who like to "make things"

  • Beginning language learners, new readers

Why You Need Them:

  • Bingo & Lotto motivate and work in teaching or learning the alphabet

  • Bingo practices listening skills and pronunciation

  • Lotto focuses on visual matching

What You'll Do:

  • Using the alphabet letters, create Caller or Matching CardsBingo or Lotto Boards

  • Follow procedures to play games that teach, practice, and assess mastery of letters

  • Repeat and/or adapt these ideas for your own teaching/learning reasons & goals