J-01.01 Get an Intro to & Overview : The Science & Art of "Agreeable Aging" + Methods & Means to Teach / Learn Important Subject Matter

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J-01.01 Get an Intro to & Overview : The Science & Art of "Agreeable Aging" + Methods & Means to Teach / Learn Important Subject Matter

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Creative, Motivating, Multi-Level, Multi-Skills Linguistic Lessons & Content Concepts Based on The Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging (Gerontology) in a 40 (8.5" x 11")-Page Activity & Idea Resource Book

40 Letter-Sized Pages

Who It’s For: Regular Folks and/or (Academic and/or Practical) (Self-)Teachers & Learners Wanting a Framework for Involvement with Just About Any Subject Matter—in These Examples, the Science & Art of Human Aging   

Why You Need It: Already convinced that we ourselves and our individual evolutions are worthy subjects of inquiry in (formal) study and/or everyday life? This 40-page Activity & Idea Book is a viable resource for organizing, presenting, and assimilating knowledge and thought integral to courses in, self-study of, and acquisition of agility in “Agreeable Aging.” Whether you’re using it as a “guiding template” for materials / activity design in (un)related subject matter—or it’s the developing topics themselves that motivate you, this Intro Book is a good place to start.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Begin your preview or survey with the Cover of Agreeable Aging: Creative, Motivating Ways to Teach & Learn the Basics of the Science & Art.  Continue thinking and/or talking about what might be the aims + offerings of its pages—with its Inside Cover, reduced-sized Game Board with Notes, and Table of Contents.  Get its Rationale in the Article “Why Communicate Knowledge Through Games.” 

[2] Peruse pages 6 to 18 and 20-21—the centerfold, which comprises a full-sized Path Board for a Game of Knowledge and can be removed from a full-color print version of the book to lay out for game play.  To answer the question “How Is the Game of Knowledge Played?” skim or study descriptions + instructions for three Game Boards (with “Aging” as their content): (1) Move from Start to Finish, (2) Cover All the Symbols, (3) Score Cards.  Use suggestions for Boards One, Two, Three + Questions & Answers (on Cards or in Lists) to teach / learn with available “Agreeable Aging” materials—and/or to apply them to relevant content of your own. 

[3] With its title “Attitude is Everything: Interview Questions & Surveys,” page 19 offers steps to follow + Sample Queries designed to get participants to share their own experiences, beliefs, comments, and questions.  Pages 22– 26 cover “The Game of Wisdom: Using One-Liners for Teaching & Learning Content.”  Four sets of ten items each—all related to aging—follow.  “But What Do You Think?” on pages 27-28 provokes Discussion—with eight (8) stereotypical Points of View  offered up for grabs with their Opposites.  And finally, on pages 29-37, there’s a section called “Lighten Up—Adding Humor to the Game of Knowledge.”  For (re)telling, appreciation, and insight, eighteen (18) commonly-told or new anecdotes and jokes are supplied.