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B-00.01 Spelling & Phonics Puzzles Level 1 = Basic-Literacy

B-00.01 Spelling & Phonics Puzzles Level 1 = Basic-Literacy

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Author: Elaine Kirn-Rubin    
Suitable for: K-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult    
What They Are: 34 paper-and-pencil (or onscreen) letter and word puzzles of many types+16 pp of answer keys that focus on basic phonics patterns rather than "just answers," with pedagogical explanations before them + solutions after.  
Why You Need Them: Even pre-literate readers and novice language learners are likely to recognize what puzzles are and enjoy trying to solve them! They'll be acquiring and practicing Basic literacy and language skills without even noticing that they're learning!
What They Do:  
get learners to practice the names and order of the 26 alphabet letters with activities called "Letter Lines," "Letter Shapes," "Letter Spaces," "Letter Finds & Counts," "Letter Words," "Letter Cards," and "Letter Formation," starting them out right away learning by doing  
introduce the concept of sounds spelled by letters with elemental info + charts of Initial & Final Consonants & Blends Simple ("Short") & Complex ("Long")Vowel Sounds & Spellings    
"teach" very basic Sound-Letter Correlations through Letter & Word Play of 12 Puzzle Types:                                                                                       

  Word Find       Criss-Cross    •  Linked Words    •  Letter Choices    •  Word Maze    •  Switched Letters   •  So What's Different?    •  Meaning Categories     Letter Connect   •  Letter Jumble   •  Letter Blocks    •  Rebus Crossword         
involve learners in choosing, connecting, sequencing, and correcting letters in pleasing visual contexts--all with illustrated, everyday, one-syllable vocabulary words; have them compare their answers with those in reduced-sized Solutions  

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