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Work Life English

C-02.03 Be Aware of Parts of Speech

C-02.03 Be Aware of Parts of Speech

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Instruction & Practice in Recognizing & Using Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs

(Part 1 of What’s the Word? Using New Vocabulary in the Real World)

9 Pages

Who It’s For: Vocabulary Teachers & Learners at All Levels of Ability

Why You Need It: Awareness of “Parts of Speech” facilitates both understanding of the meaning of vocabulary items and the ability to use them appropriately in speech and writing.

What You’ll Do:

[1]To determine the part of speech of targeted words and phrases, ask and answer four questions about them.

[2] Use dictionaries or other references to check on the parts of speech of items in context—and to contrast these with their related syntactic functions and uses.

[3] Do exercises on the subject of “People’s Names” to practice recognition of the parts of speech of “content words with lexical meaning.”

[4] Put the correct forms of related vocabulary into contexts.

[5] Go “beyond the text” in using knowledge of parts of speech to acquire and use new vocabulary in work and life.

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