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C-04.01 Do a Textbook Lesson on Compound Words

C-04.01 Do a Textbook Lesson on Compound Words

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Lesson Six of Practical Everyday Spelling Workbook = Compound Words (+ Answers)

4 pages 

Who It’s For: Progressing Language Learners & New Readers That Can Sound Out and Spell Short Words with Regular Spellings. Teachers & Helpers.      

Why You Need It: Once you have a grasp of basic Phonics & Spelling patterns in one-syllable words, you can expand your vocabulary quickly by combining two or more of these into compounds with new meanings.   

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Hear compound nouns and see their spelling.
[2]  Hear names of compounds consisting of words you know. Write and match them with their meanings.                               
[3] Check your work with the corresponding portion of an Answer Key.


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