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Work/Life English

C-03.08 Do 8 Common Puzzle-Activity Types on 7 Basic Adult-Competency Topics

C-03.08 Do 8 Common Puzzle-Activity Types on 7 Basic Adult-Competency Topics

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Pages of Sample Puzzle

Activities for Vocabulary Building

8 pages

Who They’re For: Beginning through Intermediate Learners of English Developing Everyday Competencies

Why You Need Them: Even kids, youth, and young adults care about the subject areas that comprise daily living and work: Things, Foods, Actions, Clothing/Body Parts, Places, Jobs/Work, Describing People. These are the topics of the first half of Ways with Words: Vocabulary Puzzles & Activities.  Use them not only for vocabulary building but also to enhance grammar or content lessons or for a break from routine teaching/learning procedures.   

What You’ll Do: 
[1] If helpful, preview the words of 4 kinds of  conventional Vocabulary Puzzles: Word Search, Crossword, Rebus, Scrambled Words. Keeping purpose and intent in mind, “solve” these in one content area—individually, (in competition,) or together. Check answers. Use them for follow up and related activities.  
[2] For more vocabulary in the same area, complete exercises called Categories, Matching, Words in Context, Expressions & Idioms. Check with the Answer Key. Do paired Review & Reinforcement activities that involve oral communication, sequencing, and memory. Go “beyond the materials” whenever possible.                                    
[3] Repeat (vary, and optimize) the above steps in other subject-matter areas.

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