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Work Life English

C-02.04 Consider Word Grammar, Usage & Phrasing

C-02.04 Consider Word Grammar, Usage & Phrasing

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Instruction & Practice in Using New Vocabulary Appropriately & Productively

(Part 4 of What’s the Word? Using New Vocabulary in the Real World)


12 Pages                                          


Who It’s For: Vocabulary Teachers & Learners at All Levels of Ability

Why You Need It: Certain grammatical considerations apply to various parts of speech—and certain kinds of elements belong in different kinds of phrases. Awareness of relevant patterns and rules helps in both receptive and active vocabulary acquisition.    

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Consider whether nouns are singular, plural, or uncountable—and which words they “agree with.”          

[2] Notice the association of transitive verbs with objects, linking verbs with complements, and certain verbs with gerunds or infinitives.

[3] Practice patterns with highlighted vocabulary in articles on the subject of “Better Health.”  Look up items in (online) references to reinforce their usage. 

[4] Complete or compile lists of useful vocabulary that fit into grammatical, usage, or phrasing categories. 

[5] Look at especially “productive” verbs (like do or make) to get appropriate phrasing. 

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