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C-02.02 Get Vocabulary Information from Dictionaries

C-02.02 Get Vocabulary Information from Dictionaries

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Instruction & Practice in Building Vocabulary Skills with the Use of References

(Part 3 of What’s the Word? Using New Vocabulary in the Real World)

12 Pages

Who It’s For: Teachers & Learners Who Want to “Look It Up”

Why You Need It: Usually, proficient listeners and readers first understand general meaning from context. Even so, many teachers, helpers, learners, and readers not only benefit from checking their assumptions in references but also improve their language skills by doing so. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Survey functions and uses of (compare) typically useful learners’ dictionaries. Put findings into a chart.                         

[2] Recognize parts of speech, definitions, and examples. Choose appropriate input for sample vocabulary items in context.  

[3] In reading selections about “Communication in Relationships,” pick out, list, and determine the features of vocabulary you want to understand or learn to use. Check your guesses in a dictionary.  

[5] Go “beyond the text” in acquiring vocabulary with helpful contributions from (online) references—and educated (native) speakers that use the language well. 


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