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A-19: Alphabet Letters Paired Grids<br>English-Roman Strategy Board Games (Digital Version)

A-19: Alphabet Letters Paired Grids<br>English-Roman Strategy Board Games (Digital Version)

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This comprehensive resource includes six Third-Sized (Aa-Ii), two Half-Sized (Aa-Mm), and one Full-Sized (Aa-Zz) English-Letter Grids, ranging from 25 to 900 blank boxes each. These games offer a compelling, versatile, and effective way to empower learners of all ages to recognize, name, and use the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

Key Components:

  • Nine Versions of Ready-to-Use Paired Grids.
  • Instructions for Materials Users.


56 pages

Who They Are For:

  • Language Learners of All Ages.
  • Educators and Teachers.
  • Parents and Guardians.
  • Language Enthusiasts.
  • Language Schools and Educational Institutions.
  • K-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; Pre-Literate to New Readers; Basic to Intermediate Language Learners.

What It Is: 

An easy-to-use 56-page package of six (6) Third- (Aa-Ii), two (2) Half- (Aa-Mm), and one (1) Full-Sized  (Aa-Zz) English-Letter Grids of from 25 to 900 blank boxes each. After explanation and instructions, there are several copies of each Paired-Grid Game; these are reproducible for continued use. This simple idea for empowering learners to recognize, name, and use the 26 letters of the English alphabet is amazingly compelling, versatile, and effective.   

Why You Need It: 

Players of all ages enjoy games of strategy, but if they also want to improve their English, why waste their time or energy on pointless rivalry? Simply substituting four styles of 26 letters for the 10 capitals x 10 numbers of the traditional pencil-and-paper (and later plastic, electronic, or video) game known as Battleship turns the concept into a powerful educational tool! While enjoying the interaction and competition as usual, participants strengthen their knowledge of and use of roman-alphabet letters, including their spelling of vocabulary items. 

What It Contains: 

Instructions for Materials Users: • reasons why these pages exist  • descriptions of their content and uses  • rules for play of the traditional strategy game--and/or as a vehicle for exchanging information and practicing spelling   • ways to produce more such materials, go beyond them, and make creative use of their principles 

Nine Versions of Ready-to-Use Paired Grids, "leveled" to serve learners at different stages of ability, with steps to follow for two game versions plus pedagogical (alphabet) content to master on each page. Before use, all pages can be reproduced so that play is unlimited. Also, they're meant to stimulate creation of smaller or larger or of adapted design Grids even better suited to users' interests or purposes.

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