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B-07 Phonics & Spelling Bingo (Full Product = 4 60-Page Activities & Ideas Book + 4 x 80 Bingo Grids) (Print Version + Shipping)

B-07 Phonics & Spelling Bingo (Full Product = 4 60-Page Activities & Ideas Book + 4 x 80 Bingo Grids) (Print Version + Shipping)

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This is a comprehensive and pedagogically constructed resource that introduces learners to the phonics system of American English through engaging games. For learners struggling with the complex relationship between spoken sounds and written letters, Phonics & Spelling Bingo offers an enjoyable and effective solution. This package empowers learners to master phonics principles and enhance their pronunciation, reading, and vocabulary skills.

Key Components:

  • 32 separate Bingo Games
  • 320 Boards displaying words contrasting sounds and spellings
  • 32 Sets of Caller Cards
  • Four (4) 60-page Activities & Ideas Books


589 pages

Who They're For:

  • Students from Kindergarten to 8th grade
  • Secondary school students
  • Young adults
  • Adult learners

What It Is: 

32 separate Bingo Games with 320 Boards displaying words contrasting sounds and spellings + 32 Sets of Caller Cards + four 60-page books of pedagogy, instructions, ideas, reproducibles, and reference lists

Why You Need It: 

New--and even experienced readers--as well as learners of English as a Second Language who complain that "words aren't pronounced the way they're spelled" can benefit greatly from exposure to phonics (the correlations between the 40 or more sounds of the spoken language and the 26 letters of the alphabet used for spelling them). Lacking the time or resources to embark on a full course of instruction, they can acquire the major patterns of the system through pedagogically constructed games like those of Phonics Bingo.   

What It Does: 

At four levels of "difficulty" to address learners' various stages of ability, the whole package of 32 Bingo Games:  

"teaches" the pronunciation and spelling of a total of 688 vocabulary items, carefully chosen to represent nearly all spellings of all sounds of American English,  through comparison and contrast of items arranged in "minimal pairs" and groups  

starts out at the beginning and systematically progresses to mastery with:  

  • 72 simplest examples of the most Basic Sounds = Letters Patterns, arranged into 8 games of nine picture items each, with sounds-symbols + words charted for reference below 
  • 108 commonly-used, illustrated one-syllable words typifying Beginning phonics patternsorganized into 8 different games of ten 16-item grids each, with pedagogy at the bottom of each of its 80 Boards 
  • 200 sample Intermediate-Level vocabulary items with visuals, including some with grammatical endings, in 80 25-box arrangements with sound-symbols vs. regular spellings listed underneath 
  • 288 one- and multi-syllable Advanced words showing nearly all regular, less common, unusual, and exceptional spellings, arranged into ten 36-box grids of eight distinct games, above listings of contrasting phonics patterns plus irregular and exceptional spellings   

divides pedagogical material into areas of phonics-spelling focus: Games 1-4, 9-12, 17-20, 25-28 for Vowel-Sounds & Spellings (with Vowels Before r in Game 28); Games 5-8, 13-16, 21-24, 29-32 for Consonants + Blends in Initial & Final word position (+ Medial Consonants in Game 31; Silent Letters + Exceptions in Game 32)

offers everything educators and students need to succeed--in four (4) 60-page Activities & Ideas Books that:  

  • epitomize the advantages of Phonics-based preparation, lessons, interaction, practice, testing, and follow-up. Benefits emerge effortlessly from word-level lessons and activities to improve participants' pronunciation, reading, and vocabulary skills.                            
  • show teachers and language learners how to best acquire and further their abilities with and beyond the hands-on materials, providing game rules and leveled variants as wells as steps to follow before, during, and after game play. These may include ideas for playing Small-Group, Card-Less, Meaning-Clue, Do-It-Yourself, and Learner-Created Bingo/Lotto; applying Caller Cards to Matching or Rhyming-Word activities; conducting "Spelling Bees" and phonics-based "Spelling Tests"; and using reproducible "Mastery Checks" that take little space but assess mastery of all relevant patterns and principles     
  • make useful reference information easily available with reduced-sized copies of all Bingo Boards cited in Teaching Notes; concise, level-appropriate Mini-Courses of explained and charted phonics patterns and rules for tutors, helpers, and everyone else; sequenced Reference Lists of targeted Vocabulary Items, often with supplemental listings of Rhyming Words & Homophones to extend their usefulness
  • helps educators and learners meet or exceed standards of Common Core, ELA (English Language Acquisition), ESL (English as a Second Language) and other curriculum standards--through naturally occurring feedback, cooperation, and competition but a minimum of stressful extra work, tedium, or anxiety.

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