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C-01a What's the Word? (Digital Version)

C-01a What's the Word? (Digital Version)

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This comprehensive resource is a practical and purposeful student text designed to equip learners with essential vocabulary acquisition skills and strategies. Divided into three units, the book focuses on learning vocabulary from reading, using vocabulary appropriately, and building vocabulary systematically. You can integrate the book with corresponding readings from "WHAT’S THE POINT? BOOK TWO" to further enhance your language skills.

Key Components:

  • Three Engaging Units.
  • Proven Vocabulary Acquisition Skills.
  • Contextual Learning.
  • Corresponding Readings.
  • 156 pages of comprehensive vocabulary learning content, exercises, and strategies.
  • Removable Answer Key for self-assessment.


165 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary students
  • Young adults
  • Adults
  • Independent learners
  • Home school students
  • Instructors and tutors.
  • English improvement programs
  • ESL and EFL learners
  • Literacy programs
  • WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) participants
  • Career and college preparation programs
  • Corrections institutions

What It Is

156-page student text has a clear and practical real-world
purpose—providing language students with skills and strategies to learn vocabulary efficiently and effectively. Its unit titles are “Learning Vocabulary from Reading,” “Using Vocabulary Appropriately,” and “Building Vocabulary Systematically.”

Why You Need It: 

To provide practice in proven vocabulary-acquisition skills and strategies, such as Recognizing Parts of Speech, Guessing Meaning from Context, Using a Dictionary to Learn Vocabulary; Word Usage and Phraseology, Vocabulary in Subject Areas, Synonyms Vs. Opposites; Combining Words—Compounds, Word Pairs (Homophones, Homographs, & Near-Misses), and Word Parts—Beginnings & Endings.

What You'll Do: 

You (and/or your learners) will use  the worktext and its in meaningful contexts reading material in to choose, and/or supply the most appropriate items. Because the vocabulary corresponds in subject matter to
the readings of WHAT’S THE POINT? BOOK TWO —such as Getting Acquainted with People, Getting Better and Better, and What Happened Next?, the two texts can be used together to advantage—and/or individually.

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