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C-03a Picture This!

C-03a Picture This!

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42 Reproducible Vocabulary-Puzzle Worksheets with Answer Key   

Picture This! A Vocabulary Puzzle Book  

$9 (50 Pages)    

Who They’re For: Novice Learners of English &  Elementary-School Readers.  Teachers & Helpers.    

Why You Need Them: Vocabulary puzzles motivate almost everyone, even very young students and rank beginners of any age. They also develop visual acuity, encourage sound and letter recognition, and prepare learners to read and write. Picture This! A Vocabulary Puzzle Book continues to get users to recognize words and manipulate letters in order to “get the right answers.” 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] For each of 6 Categories of MeaningThings We Use, Foods, Clothing & Body Parts, Things We Do, Animals, Things We See Outside), fill in spaces or draw lines to “solve”  3 kinds of letter– or word-recognition puzzles:  Color Codes, Hidden Pictures, Maze Words.   “Discover” the visual solution to each puzzle with the spelling of its vocabulary word. 

 [2] For more vocabulary in the same content areas, do 4 more kinds of puzzles (Word Search, Crossword, Rebus, Scrambled Words). Circle, print, and arrange letters that spell more vocabulary words. 

[3] Compare your solutions with those displayed in the Answer Key.

[4] Use your new vocabulary in related activities or language lessons. Learn other useful words in the same—or related—categories of meaning. Try more word puzzles of similar or other varieties. 



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