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Work/Life English

D-06.04 Use Modal-Verb Phrasing for 10 Adult Competencies / Functions

D-06.04 Use Modal-Verb Phrasing for 10 Adult Competencies / Functions

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Parts Two & Three of Chapter 1 (“Getting There”) of WorkLife English Grammar 2: English in Everyday Life, pages 9-15

17 pages 

 Who It’s For: (Self) Teachers & Helpers at Intermediate Learning Levels      

 Why It’s Useful: Phrases with modal verbs or related wording can express Predictions, Future Possibilities, Permission, Requests, Desires, Preferences, Expectation, Advice, Warnings, Obligation and other meanings.  Content of this chapter includes “Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Kinds of Transportation,” “Buying a Used Car,” “Traffic Rules,” “Car Insurance.” In statements and questions, it presents and summarizes the forms, functions, and meanings of most of the simple modal verbs.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Look at the Chapter Opener with its listings of Competencies + Grammar to be covered. Think/Tell what you (think you) already know or want to learn about these.

[2] On page 41 of Part One: Prediction & Future Possibility, “Helena and Lu talk about transportation problems in the city.” Act out their exchange. After considering the grammar explanations and doing / checking the exercises that follow, you might want to revise their conversation, substituting your own truths or opinions for theirs.    

[3] On page 45 of Part Two: Permission, Requests, Desires, Preferences, “Helena wants to buy a used car.” Role-playing the process. After reviewing or studying the grammar and completing the activities on the next four pages, you’ll be able to converse about your own, real car-buying experiences or plans.

[4]  In Part Three: Expectation, Advice, Warnings, Obligations, you may or may not enjoy finding out what happens when “Helena and Lu take a ride in Helena’s new car” on page 50. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate acquiring the grammar necessary for “Understanding Traffic Rules & What to Do about Tickets.” 

[5]  While summarizing patterns and uses of modal verbs in Part Four, you can get and discuss information about car insurance.   

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