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Work/Life English

D-04a Work/Life English Level 4 Grammar - Cross-Cultural Communication (Digital Version)

D-04a Work/Life English Level 4 Grammar - Cross-Cultural Communication (Digital Version)

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This comprehensive grammar book is an intermediate-level student text designed to foster competency in cross-cultural communication through effective grammar instruction. With ten engaging chapters, this textbook empowers learners to navigate diverse cultural contexts while strengthening their English language skills.

Key Components:

  • 180-page WLE Level 4 Competency Based Grammar student text.
  • Ten thought-provoking and culturally relevant chapters


189 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students, Young Adults, and Adults seeking to enhance their language skills.
  • Instructors and Tutors providing English instruction with a focus on cross-cultural communication.
  • Independent learners and Home School students looking to improve their English proficiency.
  • Those in ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College, and Corrections Institutions.

What It Is: 

The WLE Level 4 Competency Based Grammar  is a 180-page intermediate student text designed for competency in “Cross-Cultural Communication.” Its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

  • Beginnings   •  The Body   •   Dealing with Problems   •  Eating & Drinking   • Getting Along  •  Communication   •  Social Interaction         •  Home & Family Life   •   Work & Money   •  Education

Why You Need It: 

Even with expanding internationalism, the cultures of various countries and global areas still matter--especially when people from different backgrounds are in frequent contact with one another. The beliefs, attitudes, and habits people develop affect nearly every area of life, including those named in the Table of Contents of this book. Involvement in language education can't help but produce many "cultural issues." Why not teach, learn, and/or optimize use of grammar while addressing these? 

What It Does: 

After reviewing major parts of speech in context, each of ten chapters in this book assesses students' knowledge on targeted grammar topics with a 20-point "Pre-Test." The same topics are then explained with copious examples. They're practiced in exercises that progress from controlled to open-ended or expressive.

Parts One, Two, Three, and Four of each chapter all cover different grammatical sub-topics, usually related to one another. For example, Chapter 1 addresses the Present Tenses (Simple Continuous) + Simple Modals, followed by info on it/there and frequency words.

Chapter 3 is about parallel topics in the Past Time Frame; Chapter 4, in the Future; and Chapters 6 & 7, in the Perfect Tenses. Chapter 10 introduces the Passive Voice.  

Competencies and sentence structures are integrated throughout. Students approach mastery not only of these structures but also of practical aspects of daily life in North America. And for challenging "real-life" practice of the covered content, there are suggested Beyond-the-Book activities. 

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