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Work/Life English

D-05a Work/Life English Level 5 Grammar - Language & Culture in Depth (Print Version + Shipping)

D-05a Work/Life English Level 5 Grammar - Language & Culture in Depth (Print Version + Shipping)

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This is a comprehensive student text that provides in-depth coverage of advanced grammar concepts and cultural insights. Designed to enhance language and cultural proficiency, this text empowers learners to master higher-level sentence structures and grammar rules.

Key Components:

  • 215-page WLE Level 5 Competency-Based Grammar student text.
  • In-depth coverage of advanced grammar topics, including verb forms, tenses, parts of speech, adjectives, adverbs, passive voice, and various types of clauses.
  • Grammatical Terms & Concepts summary for enhanced recognition and understanding.
  • Pretest and correction exercises featuring a relatable main character's discourse.
  • Controlled to open-ended exercises to practice grammar concepts effectively.
  • Chapter reviews and integration for comprehensive learning.
  • "Beyond the Text" activities to apply acquired skills to real-life scenarios.
  • Appendix A containing correct versions of all stories.


226 pages

Who They're For:

  • Students aiming to advance their language skills and achieve higher proficiency levels.
  • Instructors and Tutors guiding secondary students, young adults, and adults in language and culture exploration.
  • Independent learners and home school students seeking in-depth language and culture understanding.
  • Individuals involved in English improvement, ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College, and Corrections Institutions.

What It Is: 

The WLE Level 5 Competency Based Grammar is a 215-page student text designed to produce proficiency in the use of "higher-level" sentence structures and grammar rules. Like the corresponding Listening/ Speaking and Reading/Writing books, it's subtitled “Language & Culture in Depth.” Its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

  •   Meeting People   •  Getting an Education   •   Money, Money, Money   •  Earning a Living   •  Getting Help   •  Going Places    •  Getting Along with People    •  Having Fun    •  The Media      •  A Lifetime of Learning

Why You Need It: 

Advancing language learners can benefit from an in-depth course in those areas they haven't yet mastered in oral and written production. They're ready for comprehensive review and expansion of most of the structures used by educated speakers and writers of the language. 

What It Does: 

The text organizes the grammar topics that native and advanced second-language speakers need in their work and lives. More than half its material focuses on verb forms and tenses. The rest helps with the other major parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs. At the end, the passive and various kinds of clauses are introduced and practiced.  

The text begins with a summary of Grammatical Terms & Concepts  focusing on recognition of Parts of Speech and Verb Forms & Tenses. It suggests grammar correction as a language-improvement technique. 

Parts One, Two, and Three of each of ten chapters begins with the discourse of a sympathetic main character who makes many grammatical mistakes. As a Pretest, text users attempt to rewrite his story by correcting these. Referring to boxed examples and grammar explanations, they practice those points in various kinds of exercises that progress from controlled to open-ended and expressive. Finally, they assess their acquisition of the relevant grammar be re-considering the original text.

Part Four reviews, integrates, and summarizes the structures and rules of each chapter. It ends with "Beyond the Text" activities that prove that text users have succeeded in improving their English. 

Appendix A in the student text gives the correct versions of all its stories. 

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