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E-08b Before Speaking: Answer Key to Activities for Practice & Preparation in Oral Language Skills--Reproducible (Print Version + Shipping)

E-08b Before Speaking: Answer Key to Activities for Practice & Preparation in Oral Language Skills--Reproducible (Print Version + Shipping)

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This is a comprehensive collection of sample responses and Mini-Speeches designed to complement the Before Speaking student text. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering learners tangible examples to enhance their oral language skills. By providing a wealth of real-world examples and practice opportunities, this companion ensures learners progress towards confident and effective spoken language proficiency.

Key Components:

  • 172 pages of reproducible sample responses and mini-speeches
  • Suggested answers to oral activity prompts from Before Speaking
  • Realistic mini-speeches for each of the ten culminating assignments
  • Encouragement for self-assessment and language refinement


172 pages

Who They're For:

  • Educators seeking enriched teaching aids for Before Speaking
  • Tutors providing comprehensive language support
  • Self-directed learners striving for enhanced oral communication skills
  • Users of the Before Speaking book

What It Is: 

A 172-page reproducible collection of sample responses to the many activity items and questions of the student text 

Why You Need It: 

In an interactive, self-teaching, skills-building student text like Before Speaking, there are no exercises or tests that have "correct answers." Instead, text-users are given input to use and prompts to follow with language of their own creation. Their responses to questions and directives will vary, of course. While teachers, tutors, and peers can correct, edit, and comment on these, individuals are likely to want even more feedback. Having access to the responses of many others may help in this regard.   

What It Does:

provides suggested responses to all oral activity prompts  in Before Speaking. These were collected from educated speakers, native and non-native, of all ages and backgrounds, who were urged to speak honestly and informally "off the top of their heads." Many were shortened, but editing is minimal.  

gives a number of sample (but real) Mini-Speeches for ten culminating "Mini-Speech" assignments

helps less proficient or less confident language learners by offering examples of competent speech to practice with before participating in group activities or speaking before an audience.  

aids more proficient or more eager language learners in "going beyond their present abilities." Written at a simplified to naturally sophisticated level, the many sample answers will invite comparison, inspiring motivated speakers to self-correct, edit, polish. or "perfect" their own language output.  

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