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E-07a Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles Worktext (Digital Version)

E-07a Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles Worktext (Digital Version)

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This unique volume condenses and merges the key features of Before Speaking and Pronunciation Practice, simplifying the learning process and providing learners with a comprehensive resource for clearer accent and improved speaking abilities. It helps in seeking a simplified yet comprehensive approach to mastering oral language skills and refining pronunciation.

Key Components:

  • Streamlines content from Before Speaking and Pronunciation Practice, simplifying pedagogy, instructions, and oral-skills tasks.
  • Focuses on crucial principles of clear articulation in connected speech, coordinated with common language functions.
  • Offers comprehensive explanations, visual notation of speaking patterns, vocabulary activities, and more.
  • Provides guided pronunciation practice through scripted Conversations, showcasing stress and intonation patterns.
  • Introduces "Challenge Activities" for advanced learners seeking unscripted interaction and skills development.


144 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary students
  • Young adults
  • Adults seeking to enhance their oral language skills.

What It Is: 

A 144-page worktext that condenses and combines the salient features of Before Speaking and Pronunciation Practice into one volume with a cumbersome title  

Why You Need It: 

Attempts to actually use intermediate oral-skills college textbooks or "higher-level" materials suggested they contained too much material--as well as not enough!  Whether it really contributes to clearer accent in fluent speech or not, BegBeSp w/PrPr is certainly easier to download, carry around, and get through in a course. 

What It Does:

precedes Before Speaking and Pronunciation Practice in level of "difficulty," enlarging and simplifying its pedagogy, instructions, and oral-skills tasks.

covers the most necessary principles of clear articulation in connected speech: Letters vs. Sounds; Simple vs. Complex Vowel Sounds & Spellings; Syllable-Stress Patterns, Rhythm, Pitch, & Intonation; Initial, Medial, & Final Consonant Sounds & Clusters. Coordinates these features with the most common notions & functions used in Talk About Things, Places, & People 

teaches what language-learners need for comprehensible, meaningful speech through explanation with many examples; diagrams + visual notation of speaking patterns; illustrated vocabulary activities with grammar, phrasing, and word lists supplied; and other innovative features.

provides guided pronunciation practice through scripted Conversations that displays their lines in three forms: IPA symbols, American dictionary sound-symbols, and alphabet letters in words and sentences.  In other dialogs or speech, stress and intonation are indicated with connected patterns of dots and lines.  All of these are coordinated with common language functions such as: 

  •   Asking & Giving Names & Information    •  Naming, Classifying, Describing, & Comparing Items   • Describing Places & Locations     •  Getting & Giving Directions      •  Naming, Classifying, & Telling About People and Their Activities    •  Conversing Socially   

inserts full pages of "Challenge Activities" for educators and/or students that want to go beyond the text in language pedagogy, skills development, and unscripted interaction and interchange in their own real-life situations 

[IN DEVELOPMENT] delivers audio material in CDs or downloaded MP3 formats to be used as pronunciation models 

offers additional input--as much as teachers/learners can handle--in 60 separate or included pages of Answers to Text Exercises + Suggested Responses to Conversation Activities and/or a 148-page Teachers' & Learners' Guide with Teaching & Learning Notes, AudioScripts, Answers, and Suggested Responses to Challenge Activities. 

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