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Work/Life English

F-01.10 Give / Take Progress Tests Designed for Literacy / Rank Beginning Levels of Proficiency

F-01.10 Give / Take Progress Tests Designed for Literacy / Rank Beginning Levels of Proficiency

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  WorkLife English: LifeSkills Workbook 1, Instructor’s Annotated Edition, Intro + Chapters 1-10 Progress Tests + Test-Answers Key, pages 93-117  

 23 pages  

Who It’s For: (Teachers of) Novice (Language) Learners Wanting Quick Assessment of (Some) Basic Reading / Writing Abilities   

Why You Need It: Even (or perhaps particularly) pre-/semi-literate learners of English /  new readers benefit from simple, quick measures of how much targeted skills material they’re actually “acquiring.”  Especially if “assessment instruments” like those in the F-01.10 Download are used for (upbeat) teaching / learning purposes (instead of serious grade-laden examination), test-takers are likely to enjoy filling in the illustrated exercise-like sections on these pages.  Although items of the Progress Tests correspond to the Intro + Chapters 1-10 of WorkLife English: LifeSkills Workbook 1, they can be used singly, in or out-of-order, or together—at any time during Written-Language Skills Lessons or for homework.  That’s because they’re not so much testing specifics of text material (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, etc.) but rather general abilities to read and understand printed numbers & letters, words, and sentences; to follow instructions; to connect sounds to letters; and to write at basic levels.    

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] On WLE Life Skills Workbook I.A.E. page 93, peruse info about and instructions for giving Progress Tests. Make use of whatever steps or tips fit your purposes—or simply use the following pages however it suits you.                                                                                                         
[2] Print out and/or display one or more Progress Tests. Note that the Intro / Names & Letters contains one page only, while each subsequent Chapter 1-10 test consist of two pages (97-116) that can be printed out back-to-back.  Notice also that the Instructions test-takers are to follow require progressively more reading / writing ability.  (At different times,) (have) participants complete their test(s) on their own, in pairs or groups, or as contributing members of a class.                                                                                                               
[3] Make use of the page 117 Answer Key for Progress Tests in ways that save time, contribute to (individualized or group) teaching / learning, and/or otherwise enhance educational processes.
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