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Work/Life English

F-04.06 Continue to Work With Employment-Related Concepts & Materials

F-04.06 Continue to Work With Employment-Related Concepts & Materials

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WorkLife English: a Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 3: An Immigration Story, Chapter 4 / “Work,” pages 45-57

13 pages  

Who It’s For: Learners Building Reading Comprehension + Writing Skills With Work-Related Content

Why You Need It: The topic of work (employment & business) is nearly always relevant to language learners.  There are job searches, (tax) forms, letters, resumes, ads, and more.  Here’s reading & writing material relevant to those topics.  

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] With the color Chapter Opener, discuss how concepts of “the world of work” have evolved up to the present.   Then in Part One / The Story, read the two-ending narrative, “New Jobs.” Compare its processes to current reality.

[2] In Part Two / Practical Reading & Writing, examine a (perhaps superseded) income tax form.  Acquire its vocabulary.  Compare it to comparable current materials.    

[3] In Part Three / the Rules of Writing, review word, sentence, and paragraph capitalization / punctuation.  Insert it into a description of work experience.     Go over unusual spellings of several consonant sounds.  Apply these + rules for the -(e)s verb ending to paragraph writing from dictation.   

[4]  In Part Four / Communicating in Writing, analyze the format and content of a typical printed resume.  Do the same for a letter of application.  With or without templates, put in your own employment-related information, for imaginary, anticipated, or real situations.

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