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Work/Life English

F-07a What’s The Point? Book One: Beginning to Read for Meaning Student Text with Inbound Answer Key (Print Version + Shipping)

F-07a What’s The Point? Book One: Beginning to Read for Meaning Student Text with Inbound Answer Key (Print Version + Shipping)

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This WorkText is a comprehensive guide to practical reading skills and strategies that apply to real-life situations. It introduces you to a wide range of reading types, from symbols and signs to factual information in paragraphs, all designed to make reading a practical tool for everyday life and success.

Key Features:

  • Practical Reading.
  • Abundance of Visuals.
  • Comprehensive Resource.
  • Empowering Teaching Guide.
  • Skill-Building Approach.
  • Versatile Learning.
  • Complementary Answer Key.


230 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults.
  • Independent Learners.
  • Home School Students.
  • Instructors & Tutors.
  • ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career & College, and Corrections Institutions.

What It Is

A 158-page WorkText subtitled "Beginning to Read for Meaning." 

Why You Need It: 

It's a primer of "reading skills & strategies" that applies to 8 different kinds of real-life reading before addressing "academic paragraphs." It demonstrates that reading isn't only for school and tests but a practical tool for everyday life and success. 

What You'll Do: 

After an Intro to “Kinds of Practical Reading,” you (and/or your learners) will delight in an abundance of colorful visuals and language material that will inspire you to "get the point" of

  • Symbols & Signs   •  Visual Images (Photos, Paintings, Drawings, Illustrations, Cartoons--with and without Words)   •  One-Liners (Proverbs, Quotes)    •  Short Fiction (Fables, Folk Stories)  •  True Stories (the News, Real Experiences, Biographies)   •  Humor (Comic Strips, Anecdotes, Jokes)   • Personal Communication (Greeting & Post Cards, Announcements, Letters)     •  Factual Info in Paragraphs 

How will you build the skills that will pay off for you in your enjoyment and mastery of these (and other) types of reading? By following (or skipping over) steps entitled "Previewing," "Reading about Reading," Reading & Understanding," and "Reading Outside the Text."

What Else Is There? 

The colorful, heavily illustrated 64-page Answer Key that follows or accompanies the WorkText makes it into an amazingly complete self-teaching tool--or a comforting, empowering Teaching Guide! It not only provides "correct answers" to exercises that elicit them. It cheerfully offers language models for explaining or interpreting the point of text material. It inserts background information when helpful. Especially for earlier (mostly visual) parts, it inserts "Bonus Items" for fun and showing off your (newly acquired) knowledge and abilities.     

You'll be working hard on your reading, so let your reading skills work for you!

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