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D-00.05 Get Acquainted with People & Grammar

D-00.05 Get Acquainted with People & Grammar

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Intro to Scenario Book Two: Continuing to Use English Grammar in Context, 

              Pages 1-4           

4 pages

Who It’s For: Intermediate & Advanced Groups Starting Out on a Contextualized Study of English Grammar

Why It’s Useful: No matter what the skills focus of an English Improvement Course, participants are likely to want to get acquainted with one another before getting into “serious study.” Why not combine a traditional “Getting to Know You” activity with reminders of grammar fundamentals such as Parts of Speech and Verb Tenses?  

What You’ll Do:                    

[1] Use the 19 multi-tense interview questions to tell about yourselves and learn about others in your “grammar study group” or English class. Talk, listen, read, and write. Enjoy and benefit from socializing.

[2] From the language that you and others have generated, review fundamental grammar concepts. Noting (and correcting?) errors, get an idea of what to emphasize in future grammar instruction.  




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