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Work Life English

D-00.04 Assess Knowledge with a Grammar Pre-Test

D-00.04 Assess Knowledge with a Grammar Pre-Test

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Pretest for WorkLife English Grammar 6: Issues & Answers

Pages 1-11   $2.00

Who It’s For: (Self-)Teachers Who Want an Idea of What Known & What Needed Before Delving into Grammar Instruction/Study       

Why It’s Useful: Instead of teaching/learning every salient grammar point  in prescribed sequence, find out and focus on each individual’s or group’s strengths and needs in advance. Assessment of what people already can do vs. what they need to review/learn helps everyone to focus their time and energy.

What You’ll Do:                    

[1] From the “How Much Do You Already Know?” Grammar Pretest in the WorkLife English Grammar 6, choose and download/print out the pages corresponding to possible areas of instruction (The Present & Present Perfect Tenses; Nouns, Determiners, & Pronouns; Infinitives; etc.)    

[2] Participants “take each test” by noting (circling, copying) the one correct word or phrase a-d in each numbered item. To get more info about what they know or need, they can try correcting the 3 wrong choices. Go over and correct their responses. 

[3] Use other Assessment instruments if necessary. Use collected results to help plan future grammar activities and instruction.



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