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H-02.01 Mostly Pictures Literacy Level English Through Citizenship

H-02.01 Mostly Pictures Literacy Level English Through Citizenship

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The English Through Citizenship, Literacy-Level Student Text:
50 Pages of Mostly Line Drawings

 50  8.5" x 11" Pages

Who It’s For: Newcomers with Minimal English Skills Who Can Appreciate & Benefit from a Mostly Aural/Oral Intro to Topics Related to U.S. Citizenship & Americana. 

Why You Need It: Nearly everyone who visits or comes to live in the United States has some interest in Americana-related topics, especially those attending classes or working to improve their English on their own.  For students still developing English Literacy skills, here’s a mostly pictorial collection of association-rich images that can be “covered” through aural/oral interaction, listening, and doing.  

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] With text users, look over and talk about the Cover of H-02.01 English Through Citizenship, Literacy Level Student Book“Warm up” with relevant Vocabulary: English, Citizenship, American flags, stars, stripes, Ford car.  Skip over Front Matter. Get a Preview of the Book from its  Table of Contents. 

[2] In Unit 1: The Residency or Citizenship Interview (pages 1-16), which consists of Module 1A: Name & Address; Module 1B: Biographic & Other Information; Module 1C: Family; & Module 1D: Employment, follow instructions from H-02.02: English Through Citizenship, Literacy-Level Instructor’s Manual or your own procedures to get acquainted and get started in elemental Listening, Speaking, Reading, & Writing

[3] Unit 2: Symbols & Holidays (pages 17-24) addresses iconic American Symbols in Module 2A: Thanksgiving & Independence Day in 2B. Get ideas from the materials themselves, the corresponding notes in their I.M., and other resources on how to best utilize—and go beyond—them.  On pages 25-32, do the same with Unit 3: Americans, containing Module 2A: Famous Americans & 2B: History of Immigration. 

[4] Continue with Unit 4: Geography (pages 33-40), which introduces The Geography of the U.S. in Module 3A and Famous Places in 3B. Wrap up your “study” with Unit 5: Becoming a Citizen on pages 41-44.  In all interactions and activities, focus on your own unique (situational) needs, preferences, and wishes.  Have a good time, teach / learn, and engage others as you “warm up” to the subject matter of a “course of topics” referring to U.S. Citizenship & Americana. 

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