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H-04b Holiday Happenings: Halloween & Related Celebrations: (Condensed) Starter Book (Print Version + Shipping)

H-04b Holiday Happenings: Halloween & Related Celebrations: (Condensed) Starter Book (Print Version + Shipping)

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Author: Elaine Kirn-Rubin 

Suitable for:  6-8, Students, Instructors and Tutors.  Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults, independent learners, and Home School students. For English improvement, ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College, and Corrections Institutions. New Readers; Beginning through Intermediate Language Learners 

What It Is: The 68-page, half-sized, original version of Holiday Happenings: Halloween containing about 1/4 the material of the 108-page full-sized, comprehensive source 

Why You Need It: Lack time or energy to work through the daunting 108-page full-sized version subtitled "Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning Language Skills with Special-Occasion Materials?" In case you still want Halloween material that won't detract from serious language- ed purposes and progress, it offers just the highlights. 

    What It Does: 

    teaches teachers & independent learners to: 
    • present or learn subject matter through multi-leveled readings, whole-class vs. individual earning formats, Main-Idea Quizzes, outlining, and the oral skills "Expert Game"  
    • build vocabulary through traditional strategies like Parts-of-Speech Charts, Guessing Meaning from Context, Filling-in-the-Blanks (CLOZE tests), and Vocabulary Card Games.  
    • advance listening/speaking skills with oral story telling, Sentence Strips, Information-Gap activities, sequenced action series, and compelling discussion 
    supplies classroom-ready reproducibles:  non-fiction articles, exercises, quizzes, Answer Keys, stories, etc.                                                                               
    introduces two pre-prepared 52-card decks: [1] Symbols & Customs and [2] Vocabulary Building,  either or both available with the book or separately                                                                                        
    demonstrates some effective ways to present, practice, and check mastery of special-occasion or other kinds of subject matter                                                                                   
    offers about 1/4 of the material of the subsequent full-sized, how-to resource, saving time and attention.
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     2 Page TOC and 9 Page INTRO AND SAMPLES



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