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C-06.02 Put Word Parts (Roots & Affixes) into a Classic Story

C-06.02 Put Word Parts (Roots & Affixes) into a Classic Story

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Proof That “Word-Building” is an Integral Component of Reading & Writing

Part 9 of What’s the Word? =  Word Parts—Endings & Beginnings


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Who It’s For: Language Students/Readers “Inspired” by Illustrations of Vocabulary Principles in Real Literature 

Why You Need It: Linguistic patterns, including those of word building with roots + affixes, are not merely abstract concepts in academic instruction. They’re an integral part of effective communication in reading and writing. Here’s convincing evidence of that assertion in “The Great American Novel.”  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Get explanatory summaries of the principles of adding suffixes and prefixed to word roots or stems, including spelling rules. Practice these in the many examples of organized Vocabulary Charts.


[2] Add appropriate suffixes in a greatly simplified, adapted beginning of the illustrated novel Moby Dick. In a continuation of the story, substitute words with targeted prefixes for their approximate definitions or synonyms. 

[3] Practice the acquired vocabulary and associated words by retelling and discussing  the story—and using the items in other speaking and writing. 

[4] Continue researching word-building patterns in dictionaries and online, applying them to  vocabulary comprehension and use.  



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